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Who is the training for?

Our training program is suitable for men and women of all fitness levels.

The workouts performed are the same for everyone, but we make modifications as needed. Our coaching team can make adjustments to any movement to cater to your current ability. We teach you proper movements and choose loads that allow for safe and effective workouts.

People that get the most out of our training:

  • Anyone who wants to get into fitness but doesn't know where to start;
  • Those who do not have enough time to train cardio and strength training movements separately;
  • Athletes who want to improve performance in their sport;
  • Those who want to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass;
  • Those who enjoy the accountability of training with a team.

What to expect?

Firstly, this is a group workout, which means you'll get accountability and support from a team. Secondly, training programs are constantly changing. While we do work on a linear progression, the workouts never get repetitive or boring. Thirdly, function fitness does not require special equipment or machines. Athletes work with the simplest equipment (Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, ropes) and their own body weight.

Our workouts consist of several blocks:

dynamic stretching to warm up muscles and develop joints;
Strength training. Every workout incorporates compound movements from weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting ;
Conditioning and Cardiovascular Training. Every workout includes constantly varied, functional movements performed at moderate to high intensity.